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51-6064.00 - Creeler (Textile Winding, Twisting, and Drawing Out Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders)

Set up, operate, or tend machines that wind or twist textiles; or draw out and combine sliver, such as wool, hemp, or synthetic fibers.

Following are examples of the tasks required for a creeler. For more detailed information including knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zone, interests, work values, work needs, and related occupations, visit the O*Net web site at http://online.onetcenter.org/report?r=1&id=1486


  • Installs, levels, and aligns components, such as gears, chains, guides, dies, cutters, and needles to set up machinery for operation.
  • Adjusts heating mechanisms, tension and speed of machine operation to produce product meeting desired specifications.
  • Threads yarn, thread, and fabric through guides, needles, and rollers of machines.
  • Inspects product to ensure product meets specifications and to determine need for machine adjustment.
  • Studies guides, samples, charts, and specification sheets, or confers with supervisor or engineering staff to determine setup requirements.
  • Operates machine for test run to verify adjustments and to obtain sample of product.
  • Starts machine, monitors operation, makes adjustments as needed, and stops machine when specified amount of product has been produced.
  • Inspects machinery to determine adjustments or repairs needed.
  • Cleans, oils, and lubricates machines, using airhose, cleaning solutions, rags, oilcan and grease gun.
  • Repairs or replaces worn or defective parts or components, using hand tools.

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