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49-9043.00 - Maintenance Workers, Machinery

Lubricate machinery, change parts, or perform other routine machinery maintenance.

Following are examples of the tasks required for a machinery maintenance worker.  For more detailed information including knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zone, interests, work values, work needs, and related occupations, visit the O*Net web site at http://online.onetcenter.org


  • Sets up and operates machine and adjusts controls that regulate operational functions to ensure conformance to specifications.
  • Lubricates, oils, or applies adhesive, or other material to machines, machine parts, or other equipment, according to specified procedures.
  • Starts machine and observes mechanical operation to determine efficiency and to detect defects, malfunctions, or other machine damage.
  • Installs, replaces, or changes machine parts and attachments, according to production specifications.
  • Replaces or repairs metal, wood, leather, glass, or other lining in machine or equipment compartments or containers.
  • Dismantles machine, removes machine parts, and reassembles machine, using hand tools, chain falls, jack, crane, or hoist.
  • Cleans machine and machine parts, using cleaning solvent, cloth, air gun, hose, vacuum, or other equipment.
  • Removes hardened material from machine or machine parts, using abrasives, power and hand tools, jackhammer, sledgehammer, or other equipment.
  • Collects and discards worn machine parts and other garbage to maintain machinery and work areas.
  • Transports machine parts, tools, equipment and other material between work areas and storage, using crane, hoist, or dolly.
  • Inventories and requisitions machine parts, equipment, and other supplies to replenish and maintain stock.
  • Records and maintains production, repair, and machine maintenance information.
  • Marks, separates, ties, aligns, threads, attaches, or inserts material or product preparatory to machine operation or to identify machine process.
  • Measures, mixes, prepares and tests chemical solutions used to clean or repair machinery and equipment, according to product specifications.
  • Communicates with or assists other workers to repair or move machines, machine parts or equipment.
  • Replaces, empties, or replenishes empty machine and equipment containers, such as gas tanks or boxes.
  • Reads work orders and specifications to determine machines and equipment requiring repair or maintenance.
  • Cuts, shapes, smoothes, attaches or assembles pieces of metal, wood, rubber, or other material repair and maintenance machines and equipment.
  • Inspects or tests damaged machine parts and marks defective area or advises supervisor of need for repair.

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