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April 1999 Newsletter

State WIB Formed

On April 8th Governor Barnes signed an Executive Order establishing Georgia's Workforce Investment Board (WIB). The Board was established in response to the passage of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998" (WIA) whose purpose is to prepare youth and adults for entry into the labor force. The Executive Order noted that the Board was to provide for the planning, implementation and ongoing oversight of a comprehensive State workforce development system designed to improve workforce training, employment, literacy and vocational rehabilitation.

The Governor ordered that the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Labor shall serve as his designee for the implementation of WIA. He also ordered that the WIB include the following members:

The Governor of Georgia, the Commissioner of the Department of Labor; The Commissioner of the Department of Technical and Adult Education; the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation; the Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs; the Commissioner of the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism; the Commissioner of the Department of Human Resources; two members of the Georgia House of Representatives selected by the Governor; two members of the Georgia Senate selected by the Governor; two county commission chairs selected by the Governor; two mayors selected by the Governor; the State Superintendent of Schools; the Executive Director of the Georgia Student Finance Commission; representatives of labor organizations selected by the Governor; representatives of business in the State selected by the Governor; a representative of youth selected by the Governor; a representative of workforce investment service deliverers selected by the Commissioner of Labor. In addition, a majority of the Board shall be comprised of members who represent business in the State as shall the Chair of the Board.

Governor Barnes also ordered that a Partners' Council of the WIB be established as a subcommittee of the Board and be composed of the Governor, the Commissioner of the Department of Labor, the Commissioner of the Department of Technical and Adult Education, the State Superintendent of Schools, the Executive Director of the Georgia Student Finance Commission, one member each of the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia Senate selected by the Governor, and one representative each of business in the State and of organized labor selected by the Governor.

Workforce Development Satellite Broadcast Set for April 29

Gwen Dellinger, JTPA Director

The Satellite Broadcast, "A Better Workforce, A Brighter Economy: What Officials Need to Know About the Workforce Investment Act", is being sponsored by the Northwest Georgia Private Industry Council. The National Association of Counties and National League of Cities is presenting this broadcast to highlight responsibilities and opportunities of the WIA. The Broadcast will be presented on April 29, 1999, from 1-3 p.m. at the following locations:

bluarrow.gif (140 bytes) Carroll Technical Institute - Douglas County Satellite Campus - Chapel Hill Exit off I-20, Douglasville, GA.

bluarrow.gif (140 bytes) Dalton State College - Westcott Building Cherokee Room - Dalton, GA.

bluarrow.gif (140 bytes) Floyd College - Rome - Walraven Building Room, W-333, Rome, GA.

bluarrow.gif (140 bytes) Northwestern Technical Institute - Building 5 (2-story Building) Classroom 5101 - Rock Spring, GA.

Due to limited seating space, please contact Carol Lockett to register!! Phone (706) 295-6485; FAX (706) 802-5567; or email: clockett@cvrdc.org.

Ready, Set, One-Stop

Want to know more about the Workforce Investment Act? Attend the next Ready, Set, One-Stop May 21, 1999, 9:30 am. - 2:00 pm, at Pickens Technical Institute. Pickens Tech is located at 100 Pickens Tech Drive, Jasper, Georgia. Due to limited seating space, please contact Carol Lockett to register!! Phone (706) 295-6485; FAX (706) 802-5567; or email: clockett@cvrdc.org.

Pickens Tech Open House

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House were held at Pickens Technical Institute (PTI) on April 14, 1999, for the Career Resource Center. Guests were welcomed to the ceremony by Ms. Nancy Proffitt, President, PTI. Dr. Kenneth Breeden, Commissioner, Department of Technical and Adult Education, delivered remarks and participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Career Resource Center at Pickens Technical Institute now provides a One-Stop Shop that offers students and the community support services and a variety of resources for training and employment available at one location. The mission of the Career Resource Center is to assist individuals to reach their educational and employment goals.

Collaborative partners at the PTI Career Resource Center include the Georgia Department of Labor (Blue Ridge), Family and Children Services (Cherokee, Fannin, Gilmer, and Pickens Counties), Vocational Rehabilitation, North Georgia Community Action, Family Connections, Coosa Valley Regional Development Center, Adult Literacy, New Connections to Work, the Fatherhood Initiative, the Job Training Partnership Program (JTPA), and, the newest partner, the Burnt Mountain Center.

All services of the Center are free of charge. Services include Videos for Job Search, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Stress Management, Customer Service, Telephone Skills, Self-Esteem, Time Management, and Personal Finance; Reference Books for Job Search, Interviewing, Resume Writing, and Career Planning; Computer-Based Training for Windows 95, Excel 97, PowerPoint 97, Word 97, Access 97, Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Excel 7.0, Microsoft Access 7.0, Microsoft PowerPoint, Discovering the Internet, Netscape Navigator, Quicken for Windows, Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Math for Money, and Improving Self-Esteem.

Other resources are PLATO, a scholastic and remedial computer-based training program including life skills, parenting skills, and job search skills; CareerScope, a computerized Career Assessment; and GCIS, the Georgia Career Information System.

There is something for everyone at the Pickens Tech Career Resource Center! Come by and see the Center at 100 Pickens Tech Drive, Jasper, GA 30143 or call Sandy Ott at (706) 692-4500 for additional information.

Life's Lesson: If you aren't making waves, you aren't kicking hard enough.

North Metro Tech

Gary Webb & Susan Gendron

Two Job Training Partnership Program (JTPA) students at North Metro Tech were finalists in this year's top GOAL student competition to represent the campus at the state level. They are Kimberly Rice, a Dallas GA resident majoring in the CAD (computer-aided design) program, and Julianna Sproul of Cherokee County who's majoring in Marketing and Supervisory Development. Julianna was also selected as one of the four finalists in the competition. Both students were cited by their instructors for their "motivation, attitude, excellence in field knowledge and focus on job readiness" as they complete their programs of study. A total of 11 students were nominated campus-wide.

Dianne Tate, most recently JTPA Coordinator at North Metro Tech, has been named the school's Director of Planning and Development. In her new role, Dianne will continue to have oversight and involvement in job training as well as planning and development on behalf of the school. Gary Webb has been named Job Training Coordinator. Gary can be reached at (770) 975-4023. Tammy Collum is now the full-time Job Training Assistant on campus. Tammy holds a diploma in Business and Office Technology from North Metro Tech. She is married, has two children, and lives in the Taylorsville area of Polk County. Tammy's phone number is (770) 975-4026. Susan Gendron, former JTPA Training Assistant, had a baby girl, Megan Sue, in January. Both mother and daughter are doing well!

Father & Son at NTI

NTI Newsletter

Until 1997, Tim Garland worked at the Coats American plant in Rossville. He had been a supervisor in the texturing department of this well-established sewing thread company. Tim's father, Ray, had been at Coats American for 32 years, working in production control. Ray, a life-time resident of the area, was looking forward to retirement.

All that changed when the company decided to move the plant to Mexico, and the plant in Rossville closed permanently. However, both Ray and Tim took advantage of the Job Training Partnership Program (JTPA), a training and employment program for laid-off and displaced workers, and of the educational programs at Northwestern Tech. They attended school together for several quarters. Tim left the plant before Ray and began to study electronics; Tim finished in March, attaining his AAT, and is now employed at RoadTec, Inc. in Chattanooga as an Electronic's Technician. Ray joined Tim four quarters ago and is working toward obtaining a diploma in accounting.

When asked what they liked about attending school together, Ray said, "Being able to discuss things about school and what we learn." Tim liked that they could be involved in "sharing and discussing common goals." In response to the question, "Is there anything negative about attending school together," they replied, "Nothing, it's great."

For more information about the Job Training Partnership Program and the opportunities at Northwestern Tech, call Diane Mayes at (706) 764-3562.

Life's Lesson: The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

New Phone & Fax
Karen Howell

I now have a direct telephone line and fax at the Dalton Department of Labor. The number is (706) 277-7466. The phone also has an answering system. If a man answers, I am still trying to find the directions so I can change the message!

Also, I recently found that the voice mail on my mobile phone (706) 217-8924) has not been working properly, and I hope that is now corrected. If you left a message and I didn't respond, please try again. You can also send e-mail to Vandy88@aol.com.

Newsletter Articles ALWAYS Welcome!

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