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August 2002 Newsletter

| Appalachian Tech GOAL Winner | Congratulations Sheila! | Youth Corner |
| Career Center Thanks Tanya Hardin | Walker Named EOO | Job Fair Jamboree |

Appalachian Technical College GOAL Winner WIA Student Rita Sturgess
by Sandy Ott

Rita Sturgess, an Appalachian Technical College Workforce Investment Act (WIA) student enrolled in the Licensed Practical Nursing program, was named the Appalachian Technical College 2002 GOAL Winner. Rita was laid-off from her employer due to major company reorganization, and the lay-off provided Rita with the opportunity to attend school full time.

Blue and Rita

Rita dreamed of pursuing a career in the healthcare field. Prior to beginning the nursing program, she completed the CareerScope assessment. The results of the assessment provided her with reassurance that she was making the right career choice.

Although she has found that the nursing program is very challenging, Rita reports, "I just love the nursing program and can’t wait to begin my clinical experience. This program is giving me the opportunity to be of service to others."

The assistance that she has received through the WIA program has made a tremendous difference. "Due to being laid-off and on a limited income, meeting the cost would have been impossible without WIA assistance," said Rita.

Blue Eubanks, WIA Career Advisor, and Rita Sturgess.
Not pictured, Lynn Long, WIA Career Advisor.

Rita’s plans for the future are to pursue her RN degree and to work in the oncology field. Her advice to other individuals who are facing change is to never give up and take every setback as an opportunity to improve your life. Rita is grateful for technical education. It has made a profound difference in her life.

Rita was selected as one of the 12 State Finalists for the 2002 GOAL Program at the State level.
Appalachian Technical College is very proud of Rita!

For more information about Appalachian Tech’s WIA program, contact Lynn Long, llong@apptec.org, or Blue Eubanks, beubanks@apptec.org, at 706.253.4591.

Congratulations Sheila!

Sheila Marie Bishop, the Workforce Investment Program’s (WIA) On-the-Job Training (OJT) Coordinator at Rome’s Career Center, recently reached a milestone in her life. Sheila completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management through the Covenant College Quest Program.

Sheila becomes an even more valuable and effective employee to the Department of Labor and the WIA Program as a result of her studies. She has gained skills in management and supervision, marketing, strategic planning, and communication.

Well Done, Sheila!

For more information about Covenant College’s Quest program, contact the Director, John McMillian, Ph.D., at 423.265.7784. For information about WIA’s OJT program, contact Sheila, Sheila.Bishop@dol.state.ga.us, at 706.295.6145.

Youth Corner

During the 1999 General Assembly, the Georgia House of Representatives passed the Improved Student Learning Environment and Discipline Act. The Act required that comprehensive character education programs be instituted in public schools for levels K-12.

The "character curriculum" focuses on the students’ development of the following character traits: courage, patriotism, citizenship, honesty, fairness, respect for others, kindness, cooperation, self-respect, self-control, courtesy, compassion, tolerance, diligence, generosity, punctuality, cleanliness, cheerfulness, school pride, respect for the environment, respect for the creator, patience, creativity, sportsmanship, loyalty, perseverance, and virtue.

A few weeks ago the Community Action Partners met in Dawsonville. Their Comprehensive Youth Development Strategies planning group suggested we include a character word of the month in the Career Depot Newsletter. They also suggested that in each issue we highlight one of the 40 development assets that youth need to be successful identified by the Search Institute, www.search-institute.org.  We are pleased to join in their effort to spread the word. In addition, to a feature in each newsletter, the character words and the development assets are on the Workforce Investment Program web site, www.YouthSuccessAcademy.org

For information about the Community Action Partners and the Workforce Investment Youth Program, contact Wanda Williams, WIA OJT/Youth Coordinator, wandaw@cvrdc.org,  at 706.295.6485 or 800.332.1965.

COURAGE is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear. – Mark Twain

RESPONSIBILITY ASSET The young person accepts and takes personal responsibility.

Career Center Thanks Tanya Hardin
by Wanda Trammel

TanyaTanya Hardin will be starting her senior year at Shorter College in the fall. She plans to graduate May 2003 with a BA in English/Secondary Education. Tanya came to the LaFayette Career Center through the Georgia Department of Labor's summer internship program. During her two months with us, she has been able to familiarize herself with the various programs and resources that the Department of Labor provides for the community.

Tanya is from Dalton, Georgia. She graduated with honors from Dalton High School in 1999. She has attended Shorter College in Rome, Georgia, for the past three years. She is an active member in Shorter's Student Georgia Association of Education (SGAE), Epsilon Sigma Sorority, and secretary of the Sigma Tau Delta English honor society. She was unsure what she was going to do with her English degree until she was placed into a dorm room with Early Childhood Education major Krista Simonds from Ellijay, Georgia. "I decided that I wanted to be a teacher when I saw Drista's desire to help others. I feel that I have a good rapport with teenagers, and I want them to be as excited and interested in the English language and literature as I am. I hope I can make a difference in their lives as much as my teachers made in mine." Tanya will start her student teaching in the spring. Although she is unsure where she will be sent, she is looking forward to it and her future career in teaching.

Tanya helped set up and attended two Employer Committee
 meetings and participated in the job skillsTanya workshops.

When asked to give a synopsis of her experiences at the LaFayette Career Center, she summed it up as follows: "I have really been able to broaden my knowledge of what the Department of Labor does, and all of the resources that are provided to the community. It has been a very educational and worthwhile summer for me, and I've gotten to work with and meet some great people. The employees at the LaFayette Career Center really tried to share as much of their knowledge with me as they could in the short time that I was there."

Tanya plans to use the experience gained at the Department of Labor when she starts back to college in the fall, as well as when she begins her teaching career.

Walker Named EOO

Phyllis Walker, WIA Special Programs Coordinator at the Coosa Valley Regional Development Center, was recently appointed the WIA Equal Opportunity Officer. Phyllis can be reached at 706.295.6485, 800.332.1965, or phyllisw@cvrdc.org

Job Fair Jamboree
by Mel Fain

For its Fourth Annual Job Fair Jamboree, the Carroll County Collaborative reached out in a different way to job seekers. They crossed county lines and joined hands with the Haralson County Collaborative to build an even stronger partnership. The resulting two-day Job Fair Jamboree served over 537 job seekers in Carroll, Haralson, Coweta, and Douglas counties.

The Northwest Georgia Workforce Investment Board joined in the partnerships’ efforts by assisted with funding for Dr. Beverly Ford, a nationally known motivational speaker. Ms. Ford presentation on the first day of the Jamboree was about developing and building positive attitudes and the importance of work ethics. In addition, a panel of employees that had overcome many barriers to employment told their success stories.

Dr. Helen Parker, Assistant Labor Commissioner for Employment Services, was the opening speaker the second day of the Jamboree. She addressed an audience of employers and stressed the importance of their companies, whether large or small, to Georgia’s economic future. After Dr. Parker’s address, the Job Fair was opened to the public.

The Jamboree was a huge success and demonstrated that by bringing together collaborative partnerships more services can be brought to customers. We begin to see that a more seamless service helps today’s job seeker become tomorrow’s tax payer.

The Carroll County Partnership includes the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) Carrollton Career Center, Vocational Rehabilitation, Carroll County Family and Children Services (DFCS) and the New Connections to Work and Workforce Investment Programs of West Central Technical College (WCTC). The Haralson County Collaborative includes the GDOL Cedartown Career Center, Haralson County DFCS, and the Murphy Campus WCTC One-Stop Career Center located in Waco.

For more information about the Jamboree and the two Collaboratives, please contact Mel Fain, mfain@westcentral.org,  at the Murphy Campus WCTC at 770.537.2970.

NW Ga One-Stop System - An equal opportunity program of the NW Georgia Workforce Investment Board & Coosa Valley/North Georgia Council of Chief Elected Officials &
a proud partner of America’s Workforce Network.

Have news of interest to NWGa? Send articles to Karen Howell, P.O. Box 1793, Rome GA 30162; Vandy88@aol.com; or phone/fax 706.277.7466.

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