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August 1999 Newsletter

Congratulations Dot Hale on your new granddaughter! Welcome to America, Kasie.

GA Virtual Technical Institute 1-877-US-2JOBS Basketball Game
Workshops & Conferences Success Story

Georgia Virtual Technical Institute
Molly Ayer

One of the most exciting innovations in post-secondary education is the Georgia Virtual technical Institute. Instated by the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education, GVTI open in the fall of 1998. Its mission is to provide a quality technical education without the time, location, and transportation constraints of a typical campus-oriented program.

The basic premise is that a student can access class materials through the INTERNET when and where they want. This enables the student to work while obtaining an education, manage a family, or receive training from a technical school outside of their region. GVTI works with a connection of twelve different technical institutes from all over the state. The course material, lectures, and assignment due dates are all given via the INTERNET. students can ask questions and submit essays to their teachers via e-mail, and this way they receive individual attention from their teachers. Programs that require "hands-on" practice include this with scheduled weekend "field trips."

During the summer quarter of 1999, GVTI offered fourteen different programs of study. The administrative director of GVTI, Debbie Dlugolenski, said that they are actively working on adding more programs to the web. All of the programs are designed to be completed within either six or nine months, and students can apply Pell Grant monies and the HOPE Scholarship Awards towards their tuition. Students should have either a high school diploma or a GED to apply, and they can apply on-line.

For more information, visit the Georgia Virtual Technical Institute website.


ETA Press Release: Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman Unveils Toll-Free Access To Job Training and Worker Assistance.

Getting help or benefits if you have lost your job is as easy as dialing 1-877-US-2JOBS toll-free in nine U.S. states. Workers there have become the first to have access to a new tool to help manage their economic future, a toll-free telephone line that will link them to countless federal, state and local job training and dislocated worker assistance programs.

In this information age, giving workers the ability to access the assistance available to them quickly and seamlessly is critical," Labor Secretary Alexis M. Herman said. "For dislocated workers, the faster they get benefits, the faster they'll get back to work. And for all Americans, we need to have a one-stop phone information system that tells them how to access our nations one-stop career center network."

The first states to partner with the Department to make this service available, beginning today, are Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. All states have been urged to become partners as soon as possible. The toll-free jobs line, in its first phase, is predominantly designed to help displaced workers, though there will be local contact information available to all callers. The scope of assistance will expand over time so that a massive amount of worker information will be available by Labor Day of next year.

The announcement of the toll-free 877-US-2JOBS line is the latest in a series of announcements of innovations to strengthen the nations employment and training efforts in advance of the 21st Century.

Secretary Herman recently announced a major public campaign to spread the word about major changes in the nations job delivery system. We are rapidly changing the system to make it as user friendly as it can be," said Ray Bramucci, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Training. "These assistance programs make a real difference in peoples lives. And through innovations like the toll-free number, that assistance will be within reach of more people who need it."

Under Phase I of this effort, the nine states will use the system with a focus on helping Americans who are laid off from their jobs. In Phase II, expected to begin at the end of the current year, all states will join with the same focus on helping dislocated workers. In Phase III, the menu of available options will expand dramatically, and the toll-free line will be able to provide universal access to all facets of the governments jobs, job training and worker assistance programs.

The Department and the partner states have contracted with a Chantilly, Virginia company, DataTrac, to operate the toll-free line. DataTrac has opened a call center and developed a state-of-the-art programming menu that customer service representatives will use to satisfy callers needs. The Worker Adjustment Section of the Georgia Department of Labor will initially be receiving all calls routed to Georgia through this system.

Basketball Game

Saturday, October 9, 1999, 1:00 p.m. at the Dalton State College Gymnasium the Siskin Rebounders will play the Whitfield/Murray Celebrities. The Siskin Rebounders are a team that travels around the US playing basketball from their wheelchairs. They give an amazing performance!

Cost of the tickets will be $1.00 each. Businesses will be able to purchase program ads for $25.00 per each business card-sized ad. There will be a concession stand and door prizes will be awarded.

The proceeds will be divided between the Siskin Rebounders and the Whitfield/Murray Disabilities Employment Awareness Committee, a sub-committee of the One-Stop Resource Center serving Whitfield and Murray Counties. The funds will be used to help people with disabilities gain employment.

For more information, contact Hope at Rehabilitation Services 272-2303, Karen at Dalton State College 272-4410, or Carla at Family & Children Services housed at the Department of Labor 272-2301.

Life's Lesson -- Heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

Workshops & Conferences

1999 Georgia Workforce Conference, sponsored by the Georgia Department of Labor, Thursday & Friday, December 9 & 10, 1999, Georgia World Conference Center, Atlanta. For additional information, contact Cathy Bexley at (404) 656-3050.

Management '99, sponsored by Governing Magazine, September 22-24, 1999, J.W. Marriott at Lenox, Atlanta, Georgia. For more information phone (781) 729-8611.

Work In Action: WIA Training will be provided by Wynn Montgomery in an all day session on September 24 in Rome, location to be announced. Wynn will present Introduction to Quality: How to Apply the Baldrige Principles. Watch for announcements of time and location.

Success Story

I am Willie Craddock. I graduated from Northwestern Tech as a Microcomputer Specialist in September 1998. I started to work for VANSTAR in October, which merged with Inacom in February. Inacom has more than 12,200 computer technicians nationwide. They have service agreements with computer manufacturing businesses and maintenance agreements with large companies such as CIGNA Insurance. I travel from our office in Hixson, TN south to Calhoun, GA, north to Athens, TN, west to Rising Fawn, GA, and east to Ellijay, GA.

I work on computers and printers and a variety of operating systems. Inacom really pushes its technicians to be certified in everything possible, for bonuses. Therefore, the more certifications you have, the larger the paycheck. Their website has over 275 self-taught courses to help us get certified.

I used to be warehouse manager for Coats and Clark, Coats America in their Rossville plant. Whey they announced they were closing, I was given the option of moving to their North Carolina plant, which didn't sound very appealing. I decided to go to school to learn another trade. JTPA Coordinator Diane Mayes' speech about the possibilities of a better career starting with education at Northwestern Tech helped make up my mind.

I'm just discovering how very fortunate I am to have this opportunity, and I thank God for it all. Let me take this opportunity to thank the faculty at Northwestern Tech that I had the privilege to study with. To all the current students, study hard, study long, and good luck! You just never know what's out there for you, so never give up on your dreams.


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