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May/June 1997 Newsletter

Dalton College JTPA

One-Stop Symposium

It Was a Grand Opening

On the Mountain Top

Professional Series


Dalton College JTPA

by Sandy Ott

Dalton College, a JTPA contractor for more than 15 years, has contracted beginning July 1, 1997 with the Northwest Georgia Private Industry Council to provide training opportunities to economically disadvantaged youth, adults, and dislocated workers.

The program works closely with the Department of Labor, the Department of Family and Children Services, and community service agencies throughout Northwest Georgia.

"The JTPA program has given many students the opportunity to continue their education when otherwise this would not have been an option," said Ms. Sherry Riley, Dalton College Director of Adult Literacy.

Students in the program receive the support services that are necessary for success. The campus resources that are utilized by the JTPA students include Financial Aid, Dalton College Academic and Career Enhancement Center, New Connections to Work, and Adult Literacy.

The Coordinators of New Connections to Work and JTPA have found their efforts multiplied through a collaborative relationship. Together the programs have enhanced recruitment and the successes of their individual participants. These collaborative efforts have included life skills workshops, job readiness training, and student orientations with special emphasis on the issues of non-traditional students.

"Dalton College is fortunate to have programs like New Connections to Work and JTPA actively working to support student success. These programs are helping to meet the challenges of welfare reform and workforce development," said Dr. James Burran, Dalton College President.

One service that JTPA provides which sets it apart from other financial aid programs is the motivational support offered by the JTPA staff from the beginning of training through job placement. The JTPA staff assists the students in the program. The staff provides encouragement, serves as a liaison between faculty and JTPA students, acts as a referral source to community agencies and resources, and assists students in job placement.

The staff of the JTPA program at Dalton College provides a personalized assessment process for potential applicants to determine their eligibility for JTPA.

Dalton College JTPA Training Programs
One Year Certificate Programs

Auto Collision Repair; Automotive Technology; Computer Operations

Computer Service Technology, Drafting and Design Technology

Environmental Horticulture; Industrial Electrical Technology

Industrial Plant Maintenance; Licensed Practical Nursing

Medical Office Assisting; Medical Transcription

Office Careers Technology; Welding

Welding: Industrial Plant Maintenance; Welding: Machine Shop Option

Mini-Certificate Programs

(Less than One Year Training)

Health Unit Coordinator; Medical Coding Specialist

Phlebotomy; Certified Nursing Assistant-Fall 97

Beginning in June of 1997, the JTPA program will begin a partnership with Dalton College's WorkKeys Service Center to offer a new service to JTPA students. The new service will provide WorkKeys Skill Assessment at the end of their training to measure their workplace skills.

83% of Dalton College's JTPA students are employed within 3 months of completing training at an average wage of $8.14 per hour.

For more information about the JTPA program at Dalton College, please contact Ms. Sandy Ott, JTPA Coordinator (706) 272-4592; Ms. Susan Doesburg, Eligibility Representative 272-4412; or Ms. Lana Baker, WorkKeys Coordinator 272-4584. For information about New Connections to Work contact Ms. Phyllis Oliver 272-2542.

One-Stop Symposium

The next U.S. Department of Labor One-Stop "How-To" Symposium will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, from Sunday, July 27 through Wednesday, July 30, 1997.

Symposium topics will include Creating Collaborative Environments with Partners, Management Options for a One-Stop, Common Intake, Serving Business in a One- Stop, and much more. For more information about the Symposium, contact Maryland Institute for Employment and Training Professionals at (410) 290-9072.

It Was a Grand Opening

Thanks to the many people, businesses and organizations who helped us with the grand opening celebration of the Career Depot at Walker Technical Institute on April 16. Special thanks to the New Connections to Work students; B & G Greenhouse, Rock Springs; Freeman Fixtures, Cleveland TN; Nelda Dunaway, Chickamauga; North Georgia Television, Dalton; and North River Nursery, Hixson TN.

On the Mountain Top

by Beverly Espy

For ten years I have been on and off of welfare, and I guess you could say I kind of got comfortable with it; not satisfied. I had been on it for so long that I felt like there really was nothing else out there and that no one really wanted a welfare mom anyway. My self-esteem had become so low I didn't even feel comfortable around my own family. I felt like my family looked down on me and were ashamed of me. I was also in a very bad relationship, which was also very abusive.

At the beginning of 1997, in January, I decided that I was not going to have another year like the previous 10 years. So on January 1, 1997 my ex-husband was served with divorce papers. After 5 years of abuse, I decided it was time for it to end. This was my first step. My life rebuilding process began.

During the next month I met with the Family Violence Unit of the Walker County Sheriff's Department, which was also just formed the beginning of 1997. They gave me protection before, during, and even after my divorce. In February, my divorce was final and that was my second step of my life rebuilding process.

In March of 1997, I was called to attend a meeting/orientation at the Walker County Department of Family and Children's Services for information about the change in my grant and the New Welfare Reform Act. At the meeting, I heard many different people talk about the choices and opportunities that lay ahead for me if I wanted them. Well, I grabbed onto it! That was my third step in my life rebuilding process.

There was a man at that meeting who spoke briefly from New Connections Job Search Workshop named Vince Stalling. Vince had enthusiasm and determination, and I wanted that too. So I signed up for his class at New Connections Job Search Workshop. The class started in April. This was step 4 to my life rebuilding process.

Even though the class was only 4 weeks, for me it has been fun and has been a real learning experience. I found that I had dreams and goals that were in reach, and I also found out things about myself that I didn't even know. I learned to fill out job applications, how to write a resume, and how to conduct an interview. I think of myself now as a success no matter what, and now I have a brighter future. I found new friends and a new me.

I am close to getting my GED thanks to Charles Smith, who conducts and teaches the GED class in the afternoon. And I am also enrolling for the fall quarter to take E.M.T. classes. There are so many opportunities out there for me. I just didn't see them. I was in the valley looking down, and now I'm on the mountain top looking out. There is something out there for everyone. Just step out and take a hold of it, then step up. Thanks to DFCS (Department of Family and Children Services), and everyone at New Connections, because now I can thank myself. And the steps to my life building process will never end.

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. --Pamela Vaull Starr

Beverly Mathis, New Connections Coordinator, is also Director of the Walker Tech Career Depot. Give Beverly or Tammy Myers a call at 706/764-3597 and learn what New Connections and the Walker Tech Career Depot has to offer you.

Professional Series

Project IDEAS has developed two comprehensive series of courses. One is designed for counselors and case managers; the other for planners. Both are based on the list of essential occupational competencies developed by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWPD). If you want more information about the courses, write or call Project IDEAS at Kennesaw State University Continuing Education, 1000 Chastain Road, Kennesaw GA 30144-5591; (800) 869-1151 or (770) 423-6369.


We are in the process of planning Career Depots in four more counties and are in need of materials for the Resource Rooms. If you have books, tapes, or videos on job search skills or life skills, we can use them. Office equipment such as typewriters, copiers, or faxes for job seekers to utilize will also be needed. Contact Kristy Jones at the Calhoun/Gordon County Campus of Coosa Valley Technical Institute, phone 706/624-1100 to arrange for pick up. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

Articles Welcome

Please forward items you believe will be of interest to others involved in workforce development to Director, Northwest Georgia Workforce Development Project, Calhoun Campus of Coosa Valley Technical Institute, 1151 Highway 53 Spur SW, Calhoun GA 30701, fax 624-1199.

have a safe & happy 4th

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