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Coosa Valley Regional Development Center
Survey of Labor Market Demand

Letter Explaining Survey
Do not complete this form; it is no longer active.

Please complete the form by March 7, 2002.
If you have any questions, you may contact
Susan Gentry at Coosa Valley RDC,
800.332.1965 or 706.295.6485, fax 706.802.5567.

Labor Market Demands

1. What new companies are moving into the area and what existing companies are planning expansions?

2.  What are the current and projected labor needs of these firms? Please specify numbers per job title and qualifications.

3.  What are the labor market problems of the existing firms? Are their specific skills shortages? Are some firms having real problems with turnover?

4.  Which firms/organizations are experiencing labor shortages due to high retirement rates and/or a lack of workers?

5.  What are their hiring standards and what hiring mechanisms do they tend to use? Do firms hire by word of mouth (referrals from their own workers expecially)? Do they have particular screening protocols? Do they require a specific credential or level of education?

6. Which firms/industries have internal career paths? Does the industry have natural career ladders that workers can ascend through on-the-job experience? Alternatively, do workers have to leave the industry if they want to get ahead? Do they have to return to school?

7.  What does the wage structure of each firm/industry look like?

8. Do these firms provide full-time work? Benefits?

10. Which firm/organizations are known to be interested in upgrading their workers' skills through GED, English or a second language, other training incentives or arrangements, or participation on boards dealing with these issues?

11.  Please provide your e-mail address:

12.  Form completed by:  

13.  Date:

14.  Company/Organization:

Dear Sir or Madam: 

As you may know, the Northwest Georgia region is experiencing an increasing number of layoffs.  In the last fourteen months, the area has seen over 3000 displaced workers as a result of massive company layoffs and closures.  This number does not include layoffs from smaller companies.  Several more are predicted to take place between now and the end of the year. 

Because of these layoffs and closures, there is an urgent need for new programs to assist these workers.  We are also interested in determining how youth (low income at risk population) can be better served in the area. The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was established to provide assistance to individuals in need of job training and placement, and to employers in need of skilled workers.  WIA provides programs for adults, displaced workers, and youth.  Federal money is available to workers for training through these programs and to employers who train them.  The Workforce Investment Board is researching industries to determine specific training needs.   We would like your insight and input into new or expanding industries in your county or service area during the next three year period.  What special needs will they have and/or what training would they like to see available for the potential workforce. 

Please take the time to review the questionnaire and provide the information for your area.  Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated.  We will provide you with the report once it is completed.


Gwen Dellinger

Workforce Development Director


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