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Coosa Valley Regional Development Center
Survey of Area Business Training Needs

Letter Explaining Survey
Please do not complete this form; it is no longer active. 

Please submit the form by March 7, 2002.
800.332.1965 or 706.295.6485, fax 706.802.5567.

Employment Needs:

1.  Please identify the county in which your organization is located:

2.  Please identify the primary sector of your firm:

3.  What product or service do you provide?

4.  How many employees does your company/organization have at present?

5.  Do you expect your firm will expand or decrease financially and occupationally in the next three years?

6.  Please identify job openings that you see emerging in your firm over the next three years (e.g. newly created jobs and/or replacement jobs).

7.  Please specify the qualifications, experience required, and the salary levels of positions that you see opening in the next three years.

8. What skills do new employees at your firm tend to lack?

10. Would you be interested in custom training programs on your work site?

11.  How do you recruit your firm's employees? For example: Department of Labor, personnel agencies, word of mouth, and/or media.

12.  Will you continue to use the same method in the future?

13.  What kind of benefits package does your firm offer employees?

Youth Employment Needs:

14.  Does your company/organization hire youth during summer months?

15.  Does your company/organization hire youth during the remainder of the year?

16.  Does your company/organization provide school scholarships? Internships? Apprenticeships?

17.  If so, what are the eligibility requirements for each?

18.  Would your company/organization be willing to sponsor a program in which employees mentor youths?

Future Communication:

19.  In a voluntary effort to maintain a simple, cost-efficient and time saving system for communication information on workforce needs/issues, would you be willing to participate in an occasional e-mail survey?

20.  If yes, please provide your e-mail address:

21.  Form completed by:  

22.  Date:

23.  Company/Organization:

Dear Employer

Because of the tremendous number of layoffs and plant closings in the area, businesses are finding that they are inundated with applicants.  However, not all of the applicants have the skills that are needed by the employers.  We, at the Workforce Development department of the Coosa Valley Regional Development Center are researching area companies to determine their employee training needs.  This department implements the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), which was established to provide assistance to individuals in need of job training and placement, and to employers in need of skilled workers.  WIA provides programs for adults, displaced workers, and youth.  Federal money is available to workers for training through these programs and to employers who train them.  We would like your insight and input into the current needs of your company and your projected needs for the next three-year period.  Are there special skills and/or training that you would like to see available for the potential workforce? 

 Please take the time to review the survey and provide the information for your business.  Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated and it will be used to design the ideal services for individuals needing retraining to meet employersí needs.  For those completing the survey we will provide the report once it is completed. 

If you have questions or would like additional information please call our office at (706) 295-6485 or 1-800-332-1965 or visit our website at www.careerdepot.org

Gwen Dellinger
Workforce Development Director

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