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Shared Economic Information

The Region One Northwest Workforce Consortium has developed a process for sharing planning information between the One-Stop Partner organizations. Each agency has responded to a series of questions as they pertain to their service area. The responses from each partnering agency follow.

Department of Labor Cedartown:

Assessment of Current State
1.  Within Polk and Haralson counties, the service-providing industry is the largest segment employing 48% of the workforce followed by the goods-producing industry employing 33% of the workforce.  The remaining 20% of the workforce are employed in federal, state, and local governments.  The 2005 average Unemployment rate for the area is 5.1%.
2.  The local chambers and development authorities are aggressively marketing the area to perspective businesses.
3.  The majority of the workforce has completed high school or obtained a GED. Approximately 38% of the work force has less than a high school education.  Approximately 20% have some college or an associate degree; and approximately 4% have a bachelor’s degree.
4.  Employers need workers with good work ethics and workers that are trainable.  There is also a need for bilingual workers in some areas.
5. Job seekers most frequently stress the need of higher hourly wages, the availability of longer working hours and, most importantly, health insurance and other benefits, which will enable them to become more self-sufficient.
6. The Department of Labor can assist employers and job seekers with a wide array of needed services. 
7.  Honda Precision Parts of
Georgia began production at their new plant in Haralson County in May 2006.  At full capacity Honda expects to employ 440 individuals.  Several other industries have expanded.  Numerous retail establishments have opened and more are in the construction or planning stages.  The area is poised for rapid growth.
8.  There have been no recent business closings or significant layoffs.
9.  Visit GDOL and chamber web sites for wage surveys and community information:  www.dol.state.ga.us, www.haralson.org,   http://polk.ofgeorgia.org

Desired State for the Future:

     All indicators point to an economic boom for the area.  The population is expected in increase along with the industry base.  Haralson’s population, from 2000 to 2010,  is projected to increase by 16.8%.  Polk’s increase is expected to be 13.1%.  The area is in a prime location and is accessible to Atlanta , Birmingham and Chattanooga via the transportation corridors of Interstate 20, four-lane Highway 27 and four-lane Highway 278.  Two technical colleges are located in the area, West Central Technical College in Waco and the Rockmart Campus of Coosa Valley Technical College in Rockmart.   In addition to job openings due to employment growth openings will occur from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations, retire, die, or leave the work force permanently.  Over the next two years job openings resulting from replacement needs will exceed those resulting from growth in many occupations. The GDOL Cedartown Career Center is prepared to assist new and existing industries with employee recruitment, including mass recruiting, posting job openings on the Internet, referring potential employees, and on-site interviewing.

The following goals and performance measures are established for the career center:

Entered Employment:                                        945
Direct Placements                                             472
Training Referrals                                             158
Georgia Works Training Placements                   22
TOPPSTEP Entered Employment Rate               25%
Various other “quality of work” standards with the Unemployment Insurance Program, Veteran Services, and Employment Services.


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