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The Region One Northwest Workforce Consortium has developed a process for sharing planning information between the One-Stop Partner organizations. Each agency has responded to a series of questions as they pertain to their service area. The questions follow with a link to a page on this web site that includes responses from each partnering agency.

Assessment of the Current State

1. What industry or occupational trends are characteristic of your area?
2. List the current economic development in your area. 
3. Describe the general characteristics of your labor force.
4. Describe any specific employer needs prevalent in your region.
5. What are the needs of job seekers in your region.
6. Describe your organization's (and the region's) ability to respond to current needs.
7. List any businesses that are expanding or relocating in your area. How many potential new jobs are expected as a result.
8. List any businesses that are closing or experiencing cut backs in workforce. How many jobs will be affected?
9. Please indicate any labor market surveys or other assessments of the communities that have been conducted in your area in the last 12 months and give the contact name of the person that can provide this information to others interested in utilizing the results.

Desired State for the Future

1. What are the anticipated changes in the economic base and workforce needs?
2. What are the anticipated changes in demographics and community needs?
3. What are the anticipated changes in your organization service structure and capacity?
4. List your organization's and/or region's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Your Plan

1. List any goals and action steps (or strategies) that you established in your plan.
2. What evaluation measures did you establish and use in your planning process?

Link to a page on this web site that includes responses from each partnering agency.

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