Ben Arp

Education (Retired)

LaDonna Collins

Executive Director, Rome Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth

Beth Kelley

Owner, KBruce Farms, Inc.

Curtis Kingsley

Education (Retired)

Molly Majestic

Resident Services Coordinator, Northwest Georgia Housing Authority

Lynn Rousseau

Executive Director, Open Door Children's Home

Carol Willis

Rome Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth

Eric Waters

Principal/CEO/CTAC Director, Floyd County Board of Education

Youth Committee Goals and Objectives

I. To identify the workforce needs of businesses through the utilization of local labor market and educational data and technology and to meet those needs by emphasizing business services.

A. Providing resource directory where individuals and organizations can locate training resources, education and business resources.
1. Provide information about the full array of applicable services available through community partners and one-stop partners.

B. To improve the economic self-sufficiency of individuals.
1. Strengthening referrals to ensure participants receive appropriate training and educational programs that is customer driven.
2. Accessible and easy to understand Labor Market Information (LMI) that can engage young job seekers in career exploration, seeking employment and looking to improve skills and education.

II. To provide customer-focused services (both for the employers and individuals) through the development and implementation of sector strategies and career pathways.

A. Identify strategies to develop career pathways, career counseling, job readiness and post-secondary education.
1. Provide Industry sectors in advance manufacturing, medical fields, and logistics.
2. Provide career counseling and career exploration in determining career pathways and goals to be successful.
3. Career pathways that include customer center approach connecting employers, training (post-secondary education) and adult education to meet the needs of the individuals and employers.
4. Work with technical colleges in developing career pathways programs that makes it easier for people to earn industry-recognized credentials and skills that can transfer to work. Including short term training

III. To reduce unemployment rates among older youth, and improve their career prospects.

A. Create a comprehensive strategy to help unemployed older youth reconnect with work and/or further education opportunities.
1. Provide a public awareness of the youth unemployment issue.
2. Develop more numbers of school-to-work initiatives.