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Life And Family

Answering these self-assessment questions honestly can help you get matched to services or information that can make your life easier to manage.

Answer the following questions using the key shown here:
A = Strongly Agree B=Somewhat Agree
C=Somewhat Disagree

D=Strongly Disagree

A B C D 1. I'd like to talk with someone about finding a place to live.
A B C D 2. I wish my family didn't fight and argue so much.
A B C D 3. My friends or family try to talk me out of getting a job or training.
A B C D 4. Caring for a family can be almost too much to bear.
A B C D 5. I am responsible for the care of an elderly relative.
A B C D 6. If my partner did not want me to work or go to school I would probably quit.
A B C D 7. I cannot count on my family to give me a ride, watch my child, or loan me money if I need it to stay in school.
A B C D 8. Managing time is not my strong point.
A B C D 9. 911 has been called to break up a family argument.
A B C D 10. Sometimes I feel like my family and friends don't want me to get a job or an education.


Count the total number of A's and B's. _____.

If you have one or more, complete a Life And Family Action Plan.

Life And Family Action Plan

Here are some materials and resources that are available than I can use on my own:

Here are some classes I can take, workshops I can attend, and groups I can join:

I can make an appointment to talk one-on-one with a counselor on one of these topics:

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