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Free Services for Job Seekers

Counseling: Everyone who registers at the Labor Department sees a job counselor. The counselors are familiar with the job market and know what jobs are available and prevailing wages.

Workshops: The Labor Department offers free career workshops that show you how to prepare a resume, how to interview for a job, and how to search for a job. They also may provide financial training that will help you manage your money while you are unemployed.

Resume Preparation: In addition to the workshops that explain to you how to prepare a resume, the Labor Department has computers and printers that you may use to prepare a professional looking resume.

Resource Library: Each Labor Office has job search books, videos and other materials to help you learn about searching for a job, writing a resume, completing an application, etc.

Georgia Career Information System: Each Labor Department Office has a computer-based service that tells you about curriculum at Georgia's colleges and technical schools, financial aid availability, etc. You can either get information about a particular school or find out what schools offer training in the career in which you are interested.

Job Listings: Each Labor Office has a computer system available that lists thousands of job openings throughout the state that employers have listed with local offices, state job openings, and many federal job openings. The computer system is available for customers to use on their own. You will be referred to a job by the Labor Office after you have registered with them. Registering usually takes only a few minutes.

Job Listings on the Internet: You may now review the Department's job listings from any internet connection. Most public libraries now offer this service. The internet address for the Georgia Job Information System

Private Placement Network: The Labor Department each month prints a list of mini-resumes of individuals who have registered at local offices and who are seeking professional-level positions. This list is sent to hundreds of employers in Georgia. The local office will fax a complete resume to an employer who is interested in an applicant.

Unemployment Benefits: If you have been out of work for a week through no fault of your own, are actively seeking work, and worked full time four out of the last five quarters you may qualify for benefits. As soon as you receive notice you will be laid off you should contact your local labor office for information on how to apply. In large layoff, the Labor Department will come to your place of work to explain all benefits available to you and the other employees.

Relocation Assistance: If you meet eligibility requirements, you may be able to receive some financial assistance in relocating to accept a new position.

Job Training: Some individuals whose jobs have been eliminated may qualify for special assistance or re-training. Your job counselor will assess your skills and help you determine if you qualify for free re-training. You will also be referred to training programs such as the Job Training Partnership Program if you appear to meet guidelines such as having low family income or a disability.

Veterans: By federal law, veterans receive extra help from the Labor Department in obtaining employment. Every Labor Office has a special job counselor for veterans who is familiar with their needs and the resources available to them. The Department has job search workshops for those leaving the military that also help with skills for adjusting to civilian life. The Labor Department also sponsors job fairs around the state specifically for veterans.

Federal Bonding: If you must be bonded for a job and cannot obtain bonding through a private service, the Labor Department has a program that may be able to help you. Check with a job counselor to see if you qualify.

Other Services: Many other services and programs are available through the Department of Labor. Check with one of the local Career Centers  listed above to see what else they have to offer.

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