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Locate People & Businesses

Excite Reference; find businesses, people, addresses, phone numbers, and local maps  

Lycos People Search 

Yahoo People Search 

Zaba Search 

Search Engines

Search for information and home pages on the internet. All search engines organize their information in different ways. If you do not find what you want through one, try another.

Information Sources

Library Spot; a subject catalogue of online information 

News Voyager; links to newspapers throughout the US

Official City Sites 

USDA Economic Research Service (ERS); Profiles of America


Cheap Tickets 

Clark Howard

Currency Converter; view exchange rates among 164 currencies 


Google Maps 


MapQuest; location maps and directions from point to point 

MSN Maps and Directions 

Travelocity; enter travel information see the three lowest cost flight information Travelocity can find 

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