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Services that Commence Participation and Can Extend Exit

Services that Commence Participation Services that can Exend the Exit Date Services that DO NOT Commence participation or Extend the Exit Date
  • Self-service or self-directed job search and/or workforce information services (does not pertain to WIA youth).
  • Staff-assisted job search, job referral, career coun seling, skills assessment, testing, job deverlopment (working with employer and job seeker), workshops, job clubs
  • Comprehensive and specialized assessments, such as diagnostic testing and interviewing
  • Individual or Group counseling, career planning, development of individual employment plan 
  • Case management
  • Short-term pre-vocational services
  • Training services (occupational skills, on-the-job training, workplace training, cooperative education, private sector training programs, skill upgrading and/or retraining, entrepreneurial training, job readiness training, adult education and literacy activities in combination with training, customized training.
  • DOL funded One-Stop partner program services
  • All required and other appropriate partner program services
  • Trade readjustment allowances and other needs-related payments funded by TAA, WIA, or NEG that are tied to continuous participation or other activities
  • Eligibility determination
  • Case management administrative activities involving regular contact to obtain information regarding employment status, educational progress, need for additional services, etc.
  • Income maintenance or support payments (e.g., UI, TANF)
  • Provide assistance not related to employment services (e.g. giving directions or allowing rest room access)
  • Post-employment follow-up services designed to ensure job retention, wage gains, and  career progress.

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