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WIA Service Matrix

Background Information

The attached service matrix is intended as a starting point for planning service delivery under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). As local boards become more familiar with the requirements and expectations under the Act and as partners become more extensively involved, the service matrix will continue to be refined.

The state will offer assistance with the regional needs assessment process this summer. Through this process or a similar one chosen by local boards, you will identify gaps and overlaps in local service provision and develop strategies to enhance the effectiveness of the system.

On Attachment A, services are grouped according to WIA core, intensive and training, and employer services. There may be several partners who provide the particular service for their participants (customers) and this is not necessarily duplicative, due to differences in their customer groups. On the matrix, identify the partner(s) available in the area that are providers of the service listed. Following is the information to be documented on the matrix:

Y = Yes, this service is available through the partner's program for their participants (customers).

N = No, the partner does not provide this service for their participants.

I = Information is not yet available.

The mandatory WIA partners in Georgia include:

WIA Title I adult, youth and dislocated workers

National programs, including Job Corps, MSFW Employment and Training Programs (Telamon Corp.)

Wagner-Peyser (Employment Service)

Adult education and literacy activities

Vocational Rehabilitation (Division of Rehabilitation Services, DHR)


Older Worker programs (DHR/Division of Aging and Title V Grantees)

Post-secondary vocational education activities authorized under Perkins

Trade Act services

Unemployment Insurance

Community Services Block Grant employment and training activities (local CAA Agencies)

Employment and training activities carried out by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Veterans employment and training services (Disabled Veterans Outreach Program and Local Veterans Employment Representatives)

As a reminder, not all of these programs are provided in each area of the state. Also, the matrix format includes blocks for entry of TANF and Food Stamp Employment and Training Programs and other service providers if they were involved in this initial planning phase.

Matrix 1, Matrix 2, Matrix 3, Matrix 4, Matrix 5 (.gif format, large files)


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