The WIOA Program initiative is to provide education to individuals in Northwest Georgia.

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What is WIOA?

WIOA is a federally funded program that prepares eligible youth, adults and dislocated workers for entry or re-entry into the workforce through retraining and education. The program seeks to increase the employment and retention earnings of participants and as a result increase the quality of the workforce, reduce unemployment and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the customer.

(All services and programs are subject to availability of WIOA funds and eligibility of applicant.)

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Mobile Career Center

The Mobile Career Center is a state-of-the-art mobile computer lab that is outfitted with 13 workstations and satellite internet access that allows us to bring WIOA assistance and service directly to your onsite location.

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Latest News

PSA for July 2018 Annual WDB/CCEO Meeting

MEETING NOTICES Bruce Bowman, Chairman of the Workforce Development Board, and Ted Rumley, Chairman of the Council of Chief Elected Officials of Northwest Georgia, announces a joint Annual Meeting of the WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT BOARD (WDB) OF NORTHWEST GEORGIA and CHIEF ELECTED OFFICIALS OF NORTHWEST GEORGIA (CCEO) for the purpose of: Consent Agenda; Fiscal Report; Executive…

PSA for July 2018 Youth and PAID Committee Meetings

MEETING NOTICES Beth Kelley, Chairman of the Youth Committee, announces a  meeting of the YOUTH COMMITTEE for the purpose of: Minutes;  Performance Report; Fiscal Report; Goals and Objectives; Youth Committee Membership; End of Year Report; and other items. The meeting will be at Noon, Wednesday, July 11, 2018,  Georgia Northwestern Technical College, Calhoun, Georgia. Paul…

PSA for MAY 2018 Council of Chief Elected Officials of Northwest Georgia, Workforce Development Board, and Committee Meetings

PSA for Council of Chief Elected Officials of Northwest Georgia, Workforce Development Board, and Committee Meetings Please run the notices below as a public service announcement, at your convenience, prior to the meeting dates.  Included are the meetings Agenda for your reference, in compliance with the July 1999 revisions to the Georgia Open Meetings Law.…

Business Informer, April 2018

Business Informer Blast 042418 April 24, 2018 Rome-Floyd Chamber of Commerce Confluence DeSoto Theatre, Downtown Rome, GA Date: April 12, 2018 Al Hodge, President, Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce The Rome-Floyd Chamber’s annual Confluence was held at the historic DeSoto Theatre in downtown Rome, Georgia on April 12th.  The Confluence is a one day conference of…